Let us introduce to you the lightest and most powerful motorized surf board in its class, weighing 40 lbs and reaching speeds up to 36 mph. Jetsurf is build from the best quality materials, like carbon fiber and titanium. It is the state of the art technology created by F1 and MotoGP racing engineers. Jetsurf is suitable for any water conditions - fresh or salt and can be easily transported by car, plane or boat.

Much more than a surfboard or wakeboard, born from a need to push the limits. Jetsurf is devoted to the development and design of the best-motorized surfboards in the world.

  Speeds up to 36 mph

  Weighing no more than 40 lbs

  Family friendly


JetSurf Academy Orlando boards


The races attract the best riders from around the world, with teams travelling to compete in this thrilling contest of nerves, fitness and skill.

MOTOSURF WORLD CUP – The FIDSM has created one of the most advanced, safe and affordable Motorsports in the world with the Moto Surf GP Race Championship. The Jetsurf Raceboards are ultra light high tech water machines, with the ability to be transported via person, car, boat, and plane (as personal luggage on international/domestic carrier flights). This allows all MSGP Racers to travel easily around the world together with their machines – a unique attribute in comparison to other motorized vehicles and motorized sports.